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My Internet Marketing Journey

It was not long after I moved out to UCLA for the film-scoring program that I discovered another passion I thought I’d never have: Internet Marketing.

I became fascinated with this topic after discovering several Internet marketing programs online. (As a cautionary note, along my journey I encountered programs that make false promises and claims, so may the buyer beware.) I was obsessed with trying to figure out how to make money online the right way, and eventually sell music from the comfort of my own home. I wanted this so I could support myself as a musician without having the added pressure of trying to make a living (which is virtually impossible), off of small film gigs.

make money online

After going through the film-scoring program I realized how difficult it would be to make a living solely off film gigs just starting off in the entertainment industry. The film industry is interesting that way. Everyone thinks that composers starting off in the industry should make music for films for free. That’s because many student directors starting out just don’t have budgets for their films. People in the industry also believe you need to “pay your dues” and prove your talents.

You need to do as many film gigs as possible and if you’re lucky, you’ll run across a director that makes it big in the industry. You do music for a short of his for free, or if you’re even luckier you’ll get paid, and he’ll trust you the next time he does a longer film or even a feature length film. This is how a film composer ultimately breaks into the industry. You can either take this route or be an intern for a film composer, but then you would have no time for your own music. (I have been very lucky, by the way, to meet a film composer I interned with that treated me very well and we got a long great.)

I dabbled with Internet marketing when I was going through the UCLA film-scoring program. After I got my film-scoring certificate I hit Internet marketing like a ton of bricks and studied it hard. I watched as many courses, videos, and read as many books on the subject as possible. I even registered for membership sites like Wealthy Affiliate to take my online career to the next level. This helped me get more on track, but it wasn’t until recently I discovered something that will help take my music career to the next level. I’m lucky I discovered it at my age rather than wasting years and thousands of dollars trying to figure Internet Marketing out (and surprisingly, this happens to many people.)

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All of my studying and hard work is paying off because I have been successful and found clients and sold music online. Throughout my time at the University of Arizona and UCLA I have made music for many student films, directors, and producers.

Speaking of what I mentioned earlier, I have been lucky enough to find directors that have submitted their films into festivals and competitions. I’m proud to say that my music has been helping one of those directors win film competitions and festivals. I have strong faith that he will make it in this industry and I’m fortunate to have him in my network of connections.

I have also been working on a meditation album with a client and I make music for a guided meditation expert on YouTube. I’ve had directors approach me through YouTube asking to license my music for their films and I’ve had many people tell me my music makes a peaceful difference in their life and that it makes them sleep well.

I hope to continue this journey of making connections that will continue to help take my music career to the next level. As a thank you for being my loyal subscriber and reading this post all the way through, please have another relaxing track on me.


Dreamscapes – Relaxing Music for Sleep

(right click and save the file to your desktop.)


If you like this track, you might want to check out my new album “First Snowfall.” It’s my latest album and full of relaxing piano music that I know will make a peaceful difference throughout your day.


Remember that you matter and make it all happen 🙂