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My Success Stories So Far!

My Success Stories So Far!

I think a lot of people under estimate Twitter and the potential of opportunities available on this social media platform. Like anything that is unknown or unfamiliar, you just need to take some time and learn it. This is exactly what I did with Twitter. Let me share my story with you.

Ever since I watched the movie “Chef” I have been fascinated with Twitter and how it works (Movies have a huge impact on me if you haven’t noticed already! J) If you haven’t seen “Chef” it’s about a guy who loses his restaurant job and opens his own food truck business. His son helps his business immensely by using Twitter to drive traffic and crazy amounts of sales.



Twitter is different than a lot of social media platforms. I heard once that Twitter is like meeting people at a cocktail party. You need to go to the right accounts on Twitter and follow their followers. If you target the right accounts, people will be interested in what you have to offer.

At one point I had no idea how Twitter worked. One day I just spent the entire day watching YouTube videos, trying to figure out how it worked. There was this one guy who had a technique where he could get 15 leads an hour on Twitter. I didn’t necessarily agree with the way he was approaching things, but he did have something there. I did more research and found even better ways and techniques of reaching out to people in a way that people truly appreciate.

As a result of all this hard work, many opportunities have come as a result. My music has gotten a lot of exposure and collaborations and relationships have developed. Let me share one story in particular.

Personally, I don’t believe in coincidence. A family member had requested that I make a lullaby. I made this lullaby and in the same week, someone added me to their list. I sent her a message after and asked if she needed any original music for anything. She told me she needed a lullaby for a CD compilation she was working on! As you can see, if someone does a favor for you on Twitter like adding you to their list, reach out and thank them! Cool things may come of it.


She told me she was in love with the music and I couldn’t ask for anything more as an artist. She was donating the CD to a temporary shelter for infants and I was happy to make the donation. This has opened my music up for further collaboration and opportunities!

Another cool story I want to share with you is that I was listening to guided meditations on YouTube. I heard a guided meditation I thought was absolutely beautiful on this one guys I channel. I left him a comment in the video saying I thought his meditations were very relaxing and asked him to check out my channel. He did and we got to talking about doing collaborations. Now we do collaborations every month and we really enjoy working together. Please check out both of our channels below:


Jason Stephenson – Guided Meditations

Weston Brown – Instrumental Music for Relaxation

As a thank you for being one of my subscribers, I would like to share the track I made with you. You can download it completely free here, no strings attached! Thank you for being an amazing subscriber.

Sleeping Under Starlight – Relaxation Download