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Refund Policy And Disclaimer

Refund Policy


Due to the nature of digital downloads, I will not be offering a refund on my digital products or composing services. This is because, once an mp3 or PDF is downloaded to your computer, it can easily be shared across the Internet. I ask that you be respectful of my products and do not share them illegally or without my permission. Since I do not have control over the actions people take once files are downloaded, I will not be offering a refund. I spend hours on the music I create and I don’t want people taking advantage of my hard work and effort. Thank you for understanding and I hope my music makes a healing difference in your life!




Please keep in mind that my music or relaxation techniques are not meant to replace medical or psychological treatment or consultation. The music and techniques I offer people are only meant to help them feel relaxed throughout the day! Please do not try the relaxation techniques while driving or operating machinery.