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Royalty Free Action Music – The Chase

By admin on Dec 10, 2015 in Music - 3 Comments

Royalty Free Action Music – The Chase




My name is Weston Brown and I am the composer of this original royalty free action music. I own 100% of the copyrights. I do not own any of the copyrights for this video, only the music. Please don’t use a video to mp3 converter to download this music. You’re support for me as an artist means a lot. I would love to be able to keep making this beautiful music and share it with as many people as possible.  If you would like to own this music please click on the link below:


My videos are more easily searchable in genre categories on my YouTube channel. Please visit the link below and have fun exploring!




How I Made This Music


This piece of music is some of the most intense music I’ve made. I studied film scoring at UCLA extension and the program consists of 3 film scoring classes. One would assume that the 3rd class was the most challenging, which isn’t true. Even though Film Scoring 2 was the most challenging for me, this piece of music was one of the most intense cues we had to make in the whole program.

It is very difficult to keep action music sounding fresh and original. This is because there are only so many ideas that make action music sound like action music. Usually these ideas consist of fast runs of strings, highly percussive music, and fast tempos.

I listened to the soundtrack 24 for a long time before writing this piece. I always sketch out my ideas on paper first and then play them into my computer. That’s exactly what I did with this piece. The cool thing though is that we actually got to work with a live orchestra, so the sound that you’re hearing right now is a live group but with MIDI (virtual) instruments underneath. I also programmed all of the percussion in myself. It took me a couple of days to make this music but it was worth it.


Hire A Composer


I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on the story behind why I created this piece of music. If you would like me to write original music for you, please click on the link below:


How To Hire Me


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If you are interested in learning meditation or learning how to play the piano, please visit my other sites below:


Thank you and please contact me if you have any questions or comments about my music or would like to hire me as your own personal composer. I hope you’ve enjoyed this royalty free action music!



RadOwl January 3rd, 2016

I use Weston’s compositions for my podcast and they are perfect for creating the tone and atmosphere I need. I highly recommend his work.

admin January 9th, 2016

Thanks so much Jason! Your comment certainly means a lot and I’m happy to make you more music if you ever need it 🙂

Shawnjal January 25th, 2017

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