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Here you will find all of my existing royalty free background music that you can purchase for a reasonable price. Please be sure to include me in the credits if you’re using this for a project. Since I write all of the music, you would give credit like this: “Music By: Weston Brown.” If you are only using it for personal use you don’t have to worry about this. If you’re using this for a film or video project, I highly recommend converting the mp3 (for standard listening) to a WAV (better for film use). Instructions on how to do this are in the video at the bottom of the page. Read How It Works below if you would like to own my music. As tempting as it may be, please do not download my music from YouTube with a video to mp3 converter.


How It Works


1.) I am only selling this music currently on my site and not anywhere else online. Since it is only being sold on my site you will need to email me which track you’d like to have BEFORE you make the purchase.

2.) Once I receive your email I will reply, telling you to go ahead and make a purchase and on which pricing option to choose. Check out the pricing options below:

a.) 1 minute track or less = $1

b.) 1-3 minute track = $3

c.) 3 minute track or more = $5

3.) I will receive an email notification when you make a purchase. After the purchase comes in I will send the music straight to your email through Dropbox. Download the music to your computer and enjoy!

I check my email multiple times throughout the day, so please give it just a few hours (depending on what time of day it is) for me to deliver you your music. I guarantee you will always get it by the end of the day!


Prices Per Minute


I want people to be able to use my royalty free background music. I’m extremely grateful for anyone who does purchase it. I know it can be tempting to want use video to mp3 converters to download my music for free, but please resist that temptation and support me as an artist. Just think about it, $5 will get you a cup of coffee and it’s gone in an hour. For the same price you can purchase one of my tracks and use it endlessly for the rest of your life. Pretty sweet deal right? I would love to be able to keep making beautiful music like this and share it with as many people as possible!


Here is the YouTube tutorial on how to create WAVs from an MP3 on Itunes: