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Jason “Weston has composed some beautiful relaxation music for me on numerous occasions. He works with me, doing what style I want him to do – and he always consults with me, mid way through the project to make sure that it is to my liking.

He has also made changes when I have asked him to on a particular musical composition. I truly recommend Weston’s beautiful, healing music compositions. Thanks again Weston!“

– Jason S.

Jordan “Weston’s ability to compose beautiful relaxation music means that I can offer more people effective guided meditations. Weston is a talented and instinctive musician and this is apparent when listening to his musical compositions. I would highly recommend working with Weston Brown on any advertising, commercial, or creative project. He is fantastic at communicating, highly talented, and very professional. “

– Jordan:



“I enjoy all kinds of music, however, I am very selective when it comes to relaxation music. I enjoy Weston’s tracks and they are used over and over when I’m meditating and they help me immensely. Give it a try for yourself and you’ll love it!”

– Bassem E.


“Weston BroTancrediwn is the most promising, talented, and smartest soundtrack composer you can find for your film. I have worked with Weston on two short films in the past, and the speed at which he was able to understand what the films needed made me realize how amazing his talent is. He was able to create truly beautiful and intense music in a short period of time.

The first film Weston scored the soundtrack for was a tragic thriller. Weston was able to create an extremely intense and dark atmosphere that underlined the tragic tone of the story. The second project was a gothic fantasy short film, and Weston’s soundtrack helped the film portray the gothic fairytale environment in which the story takes place.

If you are looking for a soundtrack composer who is able to grasp the emotions your characters are going through, then Weston is absolutely the professional you need. Weston is absolutely able to grasp the tone of your film and write pieces that enhance what the story is about.”

– Tancredi D.


BryanWeston did a great job scoring my short film. He is extremely easy to work with, calm, and very passionate about what he does. He has an extensive knowledge of the orchestra as well as electronic sounds, and if I described the mood of a scene to him, he could name an instrument in a split second and it would be a perfect match. Weston also worked very well off of samples, and could recreate a feel very accurately if he heard it somewhere else.

What I enjoyed the most about working with Weston was his ability to understand and implement changes if something didn’t work the first time. I have never met a composer more willing and able to take criticism and rework the score to make it just right. If I didn’t communicate my idea correctly or the sound wasn’t what I was looking for, Weston was able to accommodate even the most minute of pointers to make it perfect. It was a pleasure to work with him; I have already recommended him to other directors and would recommend him to anyone in need of a film composer.”

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– Bryan F.


Weston Brown is an amazing composer who’s musical pieces capture perfectly the mood and essence of every scene. I’ve worked with him on two short-films and can personally vouch that with each he was able to deliver compositions quickly while maintaining the same high-quality work one would expect from other composers given more time. He’s not a person that works for you, he’s one that works with you and with your ideas to create music which often goes beyond your own expectations . From simple melodies, complex pieces, and atmospheric tones , whether you want a single instrument or a whole orchestra for your film, he can make it.”

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– Mark R.


Weston is an amazing film composer with a great understanding of exactly what music is needed to set the tone of any scene. With a couple samples and a brief description of the mood of the scene he was able to create a piece that perfectly fit the tone of the scene in my short film. I’ve worked with Weston on a couple different short films in the past, where he was able to show his ability to compose both for the tension of a thriller and the lighthearted moments of a comedy.

While Weston’s understanding of what I was looking for was great, so was his ability to take any notes about the pieces to heart and rework them to make them exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to working with him again on future projects and would definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for a film composer.”

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– Megan L.


Weston is a very talented and knowledgable composer who I had the fortune working with on a recent project. He composed a beautiful piano and strings arrangement to accompany my guitar and vocals on an original folk song. His combination of natural ability and dedication to his craft made him a truly accomplished musician.”

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– Caitlin B.