Beautiful Relaxation Music - So Calming That Even Your Racing Thoughts Will Need A Rest...

I Will Make Original Relaxation Music For Your Specific Needs!

The Benefits Of Relaxation Music

If Any Of These Benefits Would Make Your Life Easier Then My Music And Service Is Right For You!

  • Stress Reduction
  • Deeper Meditation
  • Improved Yoga Sessions
  • Better Concentration
  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Sleep More Deeply
  • Soothes Babies and Young Children
  • Calms Pets
  • Great Source of Inspiration
  • Helps with Anxiety and Depression
  • Great for Massage Therapists 
  • Great for the Spa
  • Great for Meditation Teachers
  • Great for Yoga Instructors

Weston has composed some beautiful relaxation music for me on numerous occasions. He works with me, doing what style I want him to do - and he always consults with me, mid way through the project to make sure that it it is to my liking. 

He has also made changes when I have asked him to on a particular musical composition. I truly recommend Weston's beautiful, healing music compositions. Thanks again Weston!


Jason S.
Guided Meditation Teacher

Weston’s ability to compose beautiful relaxation music means that I can offer more people effective guided meditations. Weston is a talented and instinctive musician and this is apparent when listening to his musical compositions. I would highly recommend working with Weston Brown on any advertising, commercial or creative project. He is fantastic at communicating, highly talented, and very professional.

Personal Development -

I enjoy all kinds of music, however, I am very selective when it comes to relaxation music. I enjoy Weston’s tracks and they are used over and over when I’m meditating and they help me immensely. Give it a try for yourself and you’ll love it!

Bassem E.
Business Consultant

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